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That’s a great (terrible) idea! || Scott & Johnny

Johnny sat at the base of one of the larger trees by the lake, stroking the light stubble that grew on his chin as he thought to himself. He was bored. Really bored. But from the looks of the campus on this chilly Saturday afternoon, he didn’t have much choice on who to make friends with, especially considering that there was only one other kid trudging around pathetically in the sludgy snow. So Johnny stood, put on his best ‘you’re my new friend’ smile, and headed over to the lad; unnoticed as he walked beside him until he spoke.

"So what’s got you lookin’ so down, Slim?"

I’m on fire! || Johnny & Rogue



Johnny looked down at the table, then back up to the brunette before him. “Or I could just leave.” He said simply, both forefingers pointing towards the library’s exit. 

"But - but - " Rogue stumbled across her words,not really understanding what she was supposed to do.  "Ya can’t jus’ leave an’ pretend that nothin’ happened.  Ah mean, how hard is it t’ tell someone?" She went on, ignoring how insanely hypocritical she was being.

"I can." He said simply with a shrug. "And it’s easier for both of us to just not say anything." He continued, heading towards the back exit.

· p:iof · rogue ·

I'm on fire! || Johnny & Raven →



Johnny thought for a second. “Nah. Think that’s it.”
He looked down at the charred table and made a face. “You know any way out of here other than the front door?”

"Of course. There’s always a few different back doors, doll. Even if they’re not shaped like…

Johnny let the girl wrap her hand around his wrist and pull him away from the scene of the crime, leading him over to a window conveniently propped open by the fire exit. He nodded slowly as he saw what she was getting at, offering a smirk before throwing a leg over the window sill and lowering himself down to the snowy surface on the other side with ease.

· p:iof · raven ·

Can You CanCan? || Matt & Johnny


"I’d rather listen to the Foo Fighters scream about never letting go. Agreed, snoring is annoying. Want me to shut up so you can sleep?" He smiled, opening the book again. 

He let out a snort of a laugh at the comparison. “Nah, it’s alright dude. So many better things to be doing than sleeping.” He added with a small smirk. 

· matt · p:cycc ·

I’m on fire! || Johnny & Raven


"Oh, I know. It’s always nice to hear some appreciation now and then of course." She smirked. "Anyone else you’d like me to do or was that it?”

Johnny thought for a second. “Nah. Think that’s it.” 
He looked down at the charred table and made a face. “You know any way out of here other than the front door?” 

· raven · p:iof ·

I’m on fire! || Johnny & Raven


"And why not?" Raven smirked, arching a brow, and taking a step back. Decision made: Petting was not cool when she was a cat. Even more so when she wasn’t. "You plan on asking me, oh wait no, yourself, everywhere? Because you’d probably have to bribe me to get that one work. And I’m not cheap."

Raven dropped the guise, leaning her back against one of the library’s bookshelves.

Johnny’s expression dropped as the girl dropped her guise and he watched her closely for a moment before speaking again. “That was still really freakin’ awesome, though.” 

· raven · p:iof ·

I’m on fire! || Johnny & Raven


"I think I just found the perfect test for whether or not I’m talking to a narcissist." Raven pointed out, twisting into her own feral smirk, adding little details to the guise as she went.

"Now that there’s been skin to skin contact, the fingerprints will match too." She spoke up, not sure how to feel about basically being petted though she wasn’t a cat.

He continued to run his hands through the soft tufts of blonde hair, smiling contently. “So now the finger prints match you’re Johnny forever, right?” He asked hopefully. “Because that would be super helpful. I’d never have to find a date again!” 

· raven · p:iof ·

I’m on fire! || Johnny & Raven


Okay, really? He’d walked into that. “Pretty boy, two things. I don’t know your name, nor have you said please.”

She bared her teeth in a grin before studying the boy in front of her for another moment and reshaping herself in his image. “Whaddaya think?” She gestured at herself.

He grinned at the spitting image of himself standing in front of him and he grinned. “It’s perfect.” He said, stepping closer and running a hand through the girl’s Johnny-hair. “I’m really hot, you should just stay like this.” 

· raven · p:iof ·
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